Dog walking


Our normal group walks last for at least 40 minutes and take place in local parkland/fields where your dog can enjoy some fun-filled, stimulating exercise.  


Dog home visits


Our home visits last 20 minutes which is plenty of time to let your pet stretch their paws and play, have a run about and for us to re-fresh water/food bowls etc.  This popular slot is well suited to puppy visits where they have the advantage of one-to-one attention within their own environment.  


Cat home visits


We know all too well that cats generally don't really like leaving home and, in this respect, Doglegs offers an alternative to a cattery.  During our 20 minute visit we can feed/water your feline friends, give them lots of fuss and attention and also clean out any litter trays if necessary.



Contact us

If you would like any further information or wish to discuss your petcare requirements, please email

or call us on:-

07973 692182 or

07792 000648


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